Corn Husk Doll

Tinyton Village

Corn husk dolls have been around for centuries. Early arrivals to the United States admired the beautiful, simplistic dolls that Native American children made from corn and fashioned to resemble members of their tribe. Some of the first Americans were taught how to construct these tiny, colorful playmates at the first ever Thanksgiving dinner. Since then, thousands use corn husk dolls for decoration and play. They're a perfect craft and activity for children of all ages, and make for unique and lively decorations.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED 9-12 pieces of green corn husk
String or twine
Decorative pieces
Bowl of water

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Your new corn husk doll can be decorated to your liking. Small children will be able to decorate with colored construction paper, crayons and markers. You can attach paper clothing, jewelry, facial features and other items with a small dot of household glue. Older children and adults can make clothing from fabric, additional pieces of corn husk or many other items.

Facial features, such as eyes, ears, noses, and mouths can be drawn on with permanent markers or crayons. Craft eyes, yarn mouths, and more can also be attached to your doll with glue.


MAKE A SKIRT for your corn husk doll out of a fresh piece of husk. Simply wrap around the waistline and tie off with a piece of twine or colored yarn. You can decorate your skirt beforehand with markers or crayons.

COLORED yarn can be bent in the shape of a smile or ears and glued into place for instant facial features.

CORN HUSKS can be soaked in food coloring to make colored clothing or skin. Soak husks for 30-minutes in a large bowl containing warm water and several drops of your desired color. To make vibrant browns, soak husks in a large bowl of coffee or tea.

DIP the feet of your doll into a small bowl of acrylic paint to make brown or black shoes. Allow to air dry and repeat, if necessary.

USE small doll clothes to decorate your corn husk doll.

SEQUINS, buttons, glitter and other craft supplies can be glued to your corn husk doll to make jewelry, eyes, colored clothing and more.

INSERT a pipe cleaner into the back of your doll to put them on display, help them bend into a variety of positions, or hang them.

MAKE instant hair for your doll with corn silk, yarn, or twine. Attach with glue.

WATERCOLOR paints will soak into corn husks, and give a deep, rich color to your doll.

USE a plastic bottle cap for a doll hat.

YOU can make a perfectly round head for your doll by placing a few cotton balls inside a piece of husk, instead of rolling husks. Decorate first, and then attach to the body using the above instructions.

7. FINISHING TOUCHES Glue on corn-silk hair, if desired. Leftover husks may be cut and glued to doll as apron, bonnet, or scarf. Use colored pencils or watercolors to add eyes and other facial features. Bring hands together in front of doll and hold together with clothespin until dry. A flower could be placed in her hands.

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