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The Linking Generations sheet is part of the "My Family History" section of the News Letter. As you begin reading about your family history, this sheet will help you understand how you are related to distant ancestors. A variety of icons will appear at the side of certain names (a ship, covered wagon etc.). These icons tell you which ancestor in this particular line did what, for example which ancestor crossed the Atlantic to settle in America. I hope you will enjoy this information and get to know those who came befor you just a little better.

How to read the Chart:
Top Line: The most distant ancestor on any particular link.

Bottom Line: Newest generation. At this time, my grandchildren are the newest generation.

Lines Between: The direct ancestral line from the most distant to the newest generation.
Person above the line is the direct descendant/ancestor. Person below the line, in parenthesis, is the spouse of the direct descendant/ancestor.

Angel Maroni = First of that line to join the church.
Covered Wagon = Crossed the plains by covered wagon.
Flag = Country of orrigin.
Hand Cart = Crossed the plains by hand cart.
Ship = First of that line to migrate to America.