Ervin and Emma Prisbrey Hoyt

Ervin's Quick Facts
Emma's Quick Facts

Ervin and Emma Prisbrey Hoyt

left: Ervin about 1905
right: Ervin and Harriet Hoyt about 1905

left: Ervin Hoyt at camp abt. 1920
right: Emma Prisbrey Hoyt abt. 1926

Emma about 1920

Ervin and Emma's first home in Orderville, Utah

Emma and 6 of her 8 children about 1940
Back from left to right: Ervin, Emma, Marvin and Virginia
Front: Nada, Phill and Val. Vondell and Gaylan were not yet born

left: Emma Hoyt abt. 1950

below: Emma and Ervin about 1960

Ervin and his four living sons.
From left to right: Val, Ervin Howard, Ervin, Marvin and Gaylan

Emma, Ervin and Grandson Chris Hoyt

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