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James Little born about 1790 in Terordan, County Monaghan, Ireland, came to America with his parents when a boy of about 12 years old. It has been said by family friends who knew him that he was a short well-knit man with great powers of endurance. He was never known to complain of being weary; he slept about four hours out of 24, and read or worked the remainder of the time. It is also said he was a well read and intelligent man, possessed of quite a collection of books.

Land records at Auburn, New York show that on March 4, 1816 he bought from Mathius Huffman, 50 acres of Land on Lot 50 in Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York. Here he carried on farming and gardening. His sons have in their possession a printed hand-bill, dated 1819 advertising his business. It has been related that he was the first man in New York to sell seeds in packages; also to introduce tomatoes for table use. In order to do this it was necessary to get a permit from Governor Clinton. "Love Apples," as tomatoes were then called, were thought to be poisonous and grown in gardens for decoration only.

James Little frequently visited Auburn, the county seat, four miles distant to dispose of his produce and bring home supplies. Near the road was a deep hole from which sand had been taken out for building purposes. It is supposed that the bank caved in after he had gone over the road, and returning home in the darkness of night, the wheels on one side of his wagon slipped into the pit and turned the conveyance over with him under the loaded wagon. It was thus he was found dead the next morning. The horse had got loose and was feeding nearby. The time of this incident is set in a letter from John Wildridge Litte to Feramorz in which he says, "My father (Moses Little) and family arrived at the Little home in Juius, Seneca County, N.Y., November 5, 1822, and I should say the accident occured not more that three weeks after our arrival, making the time the last week of November."

In 1814 or 1815, James married Susannah Young, daughter of John and Abigail (Nabby) Howe Young, and is a sister to Brigham Young, the 2nd president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lattr-day Saints and famed Colonizer of the West. With her parents she moved from Massachusetts to Cayuaga County, New York in 1813 where she met her husband.

At his death she had the three small boys, the youngest James, was about two and a half months old. A daughter, Eliza, had died earlier; her tombstone with the inscription partly finsished was found in the home by the family succeeding the Littles. A few years later Susannah bound out her youngest son, James, and them moved to Mendon, New York where her father and othr family members were living. About 1829 se married William B. Stilson.

James and Susannah Little had four children. They are:

1. Edwin Sobieski Little, born 23 January 1816 at Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York, died 18 March 1845 at Richardson's Point, Iowa.

2. Eliza Little, born 1818, died before 1822.

3. Feramorz Little, born 14 June 1820 at Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York, died 14 August 1887 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

4. James Amasa Little (He took the 2nd name in mature years), born 14 September 1822 at Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York, died 10 September 1908 in Kanab, Kane, Utah.

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