Tinyton Main Street

Welcome to Main Street.

I hope you'll spend some time browsing in the stores, eating at the eateries and maybe spend a night at the Primrose Inn. However you choose to spend your time, I hope you have an enjoyable stay.

Main Street South East

Daffodil Diner

Bunny-ears Pet Shop

Clover's Clothing Emporium

Lady Slipper Shoes

Baby's Breath Baby Boutique

Glorybower Beauty Shop

Cala's Country Corner

Main Street North East

Goldenrod Garage
& Auto Sales

Honeysuckle Home Center

Black Cap Sporting Goods

Fern's Furniture

The Pepermint Candy Shop

Tansy's Toys

Forget-me-not Flower Shop

Main Street South West

Tinyton Village Post Office

Tinyton Times Building

Basket of Gold Stitchery & Crafts

Morning Glory Gadgets

The Desert Trumpet Music Shop

Holiday Hub

Main Street North West

Blackberry Bakery

Papyrus Papers

Butter Cup Cafe

Primrose Inn

Moonflower Movie Theater

Iris's Ice Cream Parlor

Butternut Grocery

Dandylion Drugs & Sundries