Early History
of the
Robinson Family

The surname Robinson is said to have arisen from the Teutonic personal name of great antiquity, "Robert," which was introduced into England about the time of the Conquest. 1 Robinson signified "the son of Robin, or Robert," and it variations include: Rboinson, Robison, Robisson, and Robeson. "Before you could say Jack Robinson" is a phrase implying a very brief space of time. It is said to have originated from an ancient bearer of this surname who would call upon his neigbors and be gone before his name could be announced.

Our Robinson ancestors came from England and were members of the Church of England, Parish of Eastham, Cheshire, England. In the first Registers of 1598 to 1700 we find the name of Rboinson spelled many ways.

Joseph or John Rboinson, born about 1714, was the first ancestor found of Edward Robinson, our ancestor who came to America. Joseph was a weaver who worked in the industry of cloth making. He married, on the 5th or 6th of February, 1769, Margaret Lewis who was christened June 28, 1748, Heswall, Cheshire, England.

Two children were born to this union. (1) Joseph Robinson, christened February 28, 1770, of Little Sutton, Cheshire, England. (2) John Robinson, christened December 20, 1771, of Little Sutton, Cheshire, England. John died February 5, 1775.

The above Joseph (born 1770) married Margaret Davies. Their children were: (1) Mary Robinson, (2) Richard Robinson, (3) John Robinson, (4) Margaret Robinson, (5) Joseph Robinson (6) our ancestor Edward Robinson, (7) Mary Robinson, (8) William Robinson, (9) George Robinson and (10) James Robinson.

In doing research in behalf of Edward Robinson, George Heber Robinson's 2 wife, Susie, had been sending money to the Genealogical Society in Salt Lake City. The sociey had written to the Vicar of Eastham, Cheshire, England, to have a search made of the parish registry for the Robinson names. The following letters were found in 1961 among Susie Robinson's letters after her death.

Letter 1:

The Vicarage
Eastham, Wirral
Cheshire, England
Aug. 6, 1936
Dear Sir:

I regret the delay in answering your communications, but the work of deciphering the registers is arduous at times and can only be done in my spare time.

Enclosed with this, you will find records of the baptisms, marriages, and burrials of the Robinsons between the years of 1769 and 1795. I may say that there are many gaps in our registers, due to the slackness, I am afraid, of some of my predecessors.

The only relatives of the Robinson family living in these parts today are the Haspray family. There are three sisters (elderly) and a brother. Their mother was a Robinson, whose uncle George it was, I believe, emigrated to Utah many years ago.

I found the connections just by chance. I happened to mention the difficulty of tracing names in the old registers, and also that I was doing it on behalf of a Robinson. Then they told me that their mother was Robinson and that there were certain records in the family. These records, I found, established their connection with the people who had gone out to Utah.

The sisters' address will be:

Misses Haspray
Tea Rose Cottage
Eastham, Cheshire, England

I am,
Yours truly,

(Signed) J. Wright Davies, B.A.B.D.
Vicar of Eastham

Letter 2:

Extracts from letter from Genalogical Society, Aug. 19, 1936.

Mrs. George H. Robinson:

Enclosed is a copy of a letter just received from the Vicar of Eastham, Cheshire, England. We suggest that you write to the Misses Haspray. Perhaps if you ask them in a friendly, tactful way, they will send a copy of the information contained in the family bible.

Among the dates received is the christening entry of Joseph Robinson, April 17, 1770, son of Joseph and Margaret Robinson. This is likely your great grandfather.


Genealogical Soc. of Utah
L. Garrett Myers, Sup.

Letter 3:

Sept. 19, 1936
20 Stanley Lane
Eastham, Wirral
Cheshire, Eng.

Mrs. George H. Robinson
Kanab, Utah. U.S.A.

My Dear Cousins:

We cannot describe our great delight on hearing from our cousins in far off Utah. So excited were we that our fingers were like thumbs opening the envelope, it took such a time before we could get the letter out. You did not say anything about yourselves, but we were to tell you all we could about ourselves.

There are three sisters, Hannah, Margaret and Rhoda, all living together and our brother George, his son George and there's a grandson George. So they are keeping up the family christain name "George". The two first named are in receipt of old age pensions, so you may guess none of us are young. Mother was the eldest daughter of Joseph Robinson, brother of EDWARD ROBINSON, so the latter was my great uncle.

Father and Mother celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, March 11, 1915. Mother died in 1915 at the age of 84, and Father died in 1922 at the age of 91. We reside in the same cottage as father was born in. All the Robinsons are buried in the church yard at Eastham.

George Robinson, the son of Edward Robinson, came over here in 1890. Whilst here, he attended the funerals of the last of Edward's family, my mother's father (Joseph Robinson) and his sister Mary.

George's son, Alfred, visited us some years afterwards. We were wondering whether your husband is a son of the George who came over in 1890 and a brother to Alfred.

We possess the photographs of Edward, Joseph, and Mary and an oil painting of Richard.

You note the address of Stanley Lane, it is the new official address given by the new Urban Council, of course, the old address will find us: Rose Cottage not Tea Rose.

I am enclosing a copy of the records found in the old family Bible of the Robinsons.

I feel I have exhausted all the news that would interest you, trusting you are both in good health with all the best wishes.

We are hoping to hear from you when you have a few minutes to spare.

From all,

Your affectionate cousrin, Hannah Haspray

A lovely correspondence followed this letter. Susan Robinson had pictures of the three sisters, pictures of the church and cemetery at Eastham. Joseph E. Robinson also wrote back to England and sent pictures of the Robinsons who were in America.

From these correspondences and the work of the Vicar at Eastham, we have the family of Joseph Robinson and Margaret Davies complete with all children, births and christenings and Joseph or John Robinson and Margaret Lewis as Joseph's Parents.

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