Tinyton Village
belongs to my Grandchildren:

Emma Martinez,
Ashley Martinez,
Daisy Church,
Nettie Martinez,
Westten Church,
Misha Hutchings,
Jonathan Hoyt,
Aaron Hoyt,
Tommy Hoyt,
Dalice Church,
Helene Dietrich,
Ethan Hutchings,
Laura Martinez,
Tamar Hoyt,
Wyatt Church,
TessaLyn Hoyt,
Amelia Hutchings,
Ambria Hutchings
Mason Hutchings.

Visitors are welcome as long as you obey the Tinyton laws to:

Walk slowly.
Run wildly.
Hop. Skip. Jump.
Take time to pick and smell the flowers.
Wade in the Water at the Lily pond.
Eat all the ice cream you want.
Walk barefoot in the grass.
And above all:

Have Fun!


To visit the sights in Tinyton, click on a picture on the map.

Remember, Tinyton is your town so have fun.

P.S. Be sure to turn the sound on on your computer.

(If a map of Tinyton doesn't appear below, it means that your computer can't read it. Click HERE to reach Tinyton by a different route.)

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The Church Home
Blazing Star Planetarium
Blue Bells Concert Hall
Blue Spruce River Forest
The Dietrich Home
The Easter Lily Ward
The Fairy Cottage
Foxberry Farm
Grandma's Home
Grandpa,s Carpenter Shop
The C. Hoyt Home
The J. Hoyt Home
The Hutchings HOme
Main Stree Shops
The Martinez Home
Marygold Art Museum
Miss Lavendar's Travel Agency
The Family History Center
Natural History Museum
Paper Birch Library
Poker Plant Fire Station
Rose Bay Beach
Rose Bay Light House
The Teen Shack
Tiger Lily Zoo
Tinyton Medical Center
Tinyton Train Station
Tinyton Trillium School
Tinyton Town Hall
Tinyton Village Square
Water Lily Pond Park

Read the Tinyton Times and Grandma's Garden for all the latest news.

And you can drop me a note at the

Tinyton Post Office

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